Committee & Management

The Committee of Management is a dedicated group of volunteers. Most committee members are parents of gymnasts and will often be in the office area during gym classes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any query you may have.

The club is governed by its Constitution, Policies and Procedures, all of which are available upon request or can be accessed via our website. The Head coach is responsible for all coaching matters and has the assistance of several other paid and volunteer coaches.


Gymnastics Australia is the governing body that coordinates the rules and regulations within each Gym Sport nationwide.

Gymnastics Victoria is the organisation comprised of affiliated clubs and registered members. It is the controlling body for all GymSports within the State of Victoria.

Gymnastics Victoria is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia which is affiliated with the Federation of International Gymnastics (the governing body of gymnastics world-wide).

All participating athletes, coaches, judges and officials must be registered members of Gymnastics Victoria. Registration includes an insurance package through Gymnastics Australia. All registrations are void at the end of each calendar year, therefore all members must reregister at the beginning of each year. As a gymnast, you are registered by the club, when your registration fee and details have been forwarded to Gymnastics Victoria, who then forwards this on to Gymnastics Australia. Therefore, payment of this fee is required before you will be allowed to participate. As a registered member you will be covered under personal accident insurance and will have access to State and National events.