General Information

COACHES: If a parent has a query or needs to speak to a coach, please arrange this through the Head Coach Parents should not interrupt coaches or athletes during class times.

COMMUNICATION: The club communicates via Team App; information will also be provided on the Facebook page and website.

DRINK: Fluid intake before, during and after exercise is essential for all athletes. Gymnasts are to bring their own drink bottle, filled only with water, to class. Drink breaks will be given during classes.

FINISHING: Cool down is as important as the warm up. Gymnasts must complete a cool down and stretching even if they need to leave the session early.

FOOD: Food is not to be eaten during any class (unless medically required). There are drinks, chocolates and zooper doopers available for sale for after training and for spectators.

PARTICIPATION: As we often have a waiting list, please advise the committee vis email if you decide not to continue.

SAFETY: All children not participating in classes must remain with parents, off all matting gym equipment. Please wait for the coaches instructions at the beginning of class before gymnasts are allowed on any gym equipment, including the floor area.

STARTING: Please be prompt to class. Warm ups at the beginning of each class are vital to the teaching of basic body positions, stretching, as well as fun games and socialisation.

TOILETS: Are located towards the back of the building, to the left of the seating area. Children not participating in a class, must be accompanied by an adult.