The youth of Natimuk and district were in need of something to do and so Reg Hateley together with 4 local church ministers investigated the possibility of gymnastics classes for the area. September 30, 1960 saw the commencement of gymnastics in Natimuk under the guidance of Gus Fordham a qualified coach and Garth Gwynne as his assistant. These early classes were held in the Natimuk Memorial Hall. 1964 saw Len Parfett join as a coach and the purchase of the old Natimuk State School, which was moved and repaired, allowing classes to commence in it in October of that year.

By 1966 the building was too small for the 180 gymnasts attending various classes and so fundraising for a bigger building began. This saw the clearing and levelling of an unused road to allow cropping to occur (This road is still cropped with profits going to the gym thanks to the generosity of local farmers). Following many other fundraising ventures, the current building was opened at the clubs annual display night in December 1969. General gymnastic classes were offered throughout this time with level Gymnastics for boys (MAG) and girls (WAG) being introduced in 1995. With the old school building now no longer being used for classes it was decided to subdivide the land and offer it for sale. In 1998 this was successfully sold with the proceeds enabling the club to purchase Olympic standard equipment.

In 2013 following many years of planning and fundraising, the first of 2 extensions occurred.  The rear of the building was extended, allowing us to build a pit and install more equipment including an olympic trampoline with the expended height available.  Then in 2014 the second part was completed, extending the side to allow more seating, a kitchen area and office space.

In 2010 we celebrated our 50 years anniversary, with events and many older participants returning to be amazed at the changes.

Over the last 10 years we have transitioned from a State competition program to a National one, and have gymnasts competing at Victorian Championships at the highest levels.   We have introduced other programs at the same time and have something to suit everyone.

 We owe a great deal of gratitude to the many Committee Members, Coaches and volunteers who have built the club to the highly respected and equipped club that it is today. Natimuk & District Gymnastic Club Inc.