Competition Etiquette


  • Ideas for what to bring in your bag – water bottle containing water only | small blanket (it can get cold while waiting for their turn | socks (to keep those feet warm) | spare hair tie.
  • If feeling unwell please do not attend competition and inform the head coach.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand.
  • When gymnasts and families arrive at a competition, please find your other team mates and your coach. Your coach will inform you when it’s time for the gymnast to enter the competition arena/floor.
  • Once gymnasts take the floor/arena, they are NOT to leave the arena or their group to go see their parents/guardians. They are to ask their coach if they require anything, including going to the toilet.
  • Their coach will stay with the group for the whole competition. Coaches will assist the gymnasts, providing encouragement and support during the competition.
    Parents/guardians are to stay in the designated spectator areas.


  • No flash photography please. Camera flashes can put gymnasts off and can be very dangerous if they go off during gymnast routines.
  • All our gymnasts and their families are representing N&DGC and we ask that you abide by the rules of the host club and be respectful and courteous to all other gymnasts, spectators and officials.