If you are a new participant that has been offered a class by the head coach, or an existing participant that has had a change of class approved by the head coach, please follow the steps below to register with our club.

  • Choose the button below for the correct registration form that corresponds with the class that you are joining.
  • Fill in and submit the form
  • Check that you have received a confirmation email

As we near the end of each year, we begin planning for the next year. Current participants are given first preference for the following years’ classes. If you are intending to return the following year, please stay tuned for information on when to register, in order to be guaranteed a place. Once classes have been allocated to returning gymnasts, remaining places will be opened up to new gymnasts. If you do not complete a registration form by the advised date, we cannot guarantee that there will be a place/class still available.  

For competition classes, if you are unsure whether your child is going up a level, please speak to Lynette (Head Coach) prior to submitting your form.