Committee 2020

Executive Committee

President: Amanda Carracher

Vice President: Anneika Hart

Treasurers: Jenelle Patterson & Vicki McClure

Secretary: Louise Puls 

General Committee

Lynette Morrow

Keren Kosch

Sarah Campey 

Maree Woodhart

Anthony Schellens

Jillian Pearce

Additional roles to support the Committee

Competition Secretary: Meagan Silvers

Registrations:  Keren Kosch 

Uniforms:  Jenelle Patterson

Catering:  Sarah Campey 

Website:  Anneika Hart

Facebook & Team App: Jenelle Patterson

Occupational Health & Safety:  Anthony Schellens

Scrap Book:  Maree Woodhart

Publicity – Drew Fraser

Maintenance – Anthony Schellens

Grants – Jillian Pearce

Sponsorship – Vacant